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Jonathan S Stamler MD

“We use this drug or therapeutic transfusion differently than any other therapeutic. We almost never give it to make a person better. That is to say if we were to give it back freely and restore normal levels, I think most would agree, patients would not do well.” Advertisements

Online Release of Primum Non Nocere: First Do No Harm

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Kathleen Sazama MD JD

“What has happened over the years is things become embedded in medical practice by tradition. Some respected member of the community starts to do something and talks about it with his or her scientific colleagues and they try it and it seems to work for their patients and so gradually the word spreads.”

David Gozzard MD

“At the moment you can, a physician can request blood on any patient.”

Deb Tabert, RN, CCRN

“In the healthcare system, blood was something that you gave out like you gave out aspirin. It was something we did without even giving it a second thought.”

Jonathan H Waters MD

“We have historically been trained that blood is good. There is nothing but benefit by transfusing patients.”

Colonel John Holcomb MD

“When you talk to lay people, lay people think we know exactly what we’re doing, and when to start, how much to give, what to give, and when to stop. In fact from a data driven fashion, we don’t know those things.”