Aryeh Shander MD

“Now because of the ability to store and deliver blood on demand, this happens to be the only transplant that all you require is essentially a couple of letters behind your name and a pen and you can write for it.” Advertisements

Sherri Ozawa RN

“A blood transfusion is the only organ transplant that’s done by a nurse. Yet a doctor writes it on a piece of paper, a nurse hangs it and yet it has huge implications for patients.”

Kathleen Sazama MD JD

“Blood is a very complex organ that we transfuse as the means of transplanting it.” For information about Patient Blood Management, read page 4 of Blood Health.

Review by Andrew L. Urban

In its first four and a half minutes, the film tracks through the history of blood transfusion, using graphics and archival material. It sets up what’s to come: a shocking revelation that what we thought was life saving is in some cases life threatening. Hard as it is to believe, medical science has never done […]

Aryeh Shander MD

“Many clinicians think of blood and blood components as a drug to treat specific conditions that patients have.”

Jonathan S Stamler MD

“We use this drug or therapeutic transfusion differently than any other therapeutic. We almost never give it to make a person better. That is to say if we were to give it back freely and restore normal levels, I think most would agree, patients would not do well.”

Online Release of Primum Non Nocere: First Do No Harm

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