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Bruce D Spiess MD

“Now that evolution of that thought, of well, there’s a connection here, can I improve outcome, could actually translate into what happens in transfusion.” Advertisements

Aryeh Shander MD

“Now because of the ability to store and deliver blood on demand, this happens to be the only transplant that all you require is essentially a couple of letters behind your name and a pen and you can write for it.”

Sherri Ozawa RN

“A blood transfusion is the only organ transplant that’s done by a nurse. Yet a doctor writes it on a piece of paper, a nurse hangs it and yet it has huge implications for patients.”

Kathleen Sazama MD JD

“Blood is a very complex organ that we transfuse as the means of transplanting it.” For information about Patient Blood Management, read page 4 of Blood Health. http://bit.ly/4BloodHealth

Aryeh Shander MD

“Many clinicians think of blood and blood components as a drug to treat specific conditions that patients have.”

Jonathan S Stamler MD

“We use this drug or therapeutic transfusion differently than any other therapeutic. We almost never give it to make a person better. That is to say if we were to give it back freely and restore normal levels, I think most would agree, patients would not do well.”

Online Release of Primum Non Nocere: First Do No Harm

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