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Bruce D Spiess MD

“Now that evolution of that thought, of well, there’s a connection here, can I improve outcome, could actually translate into what happens in transfusion.” Advertisements

Aryeh Shander MD

“The Semmelweis principle is the knee-jerk rejection of anything new because again it challenges the norms.”

Sundar Sankaran MD

“People are actually thinking that it is all to do with demons or devils coming in till a simple solution Semmelweis brought in of hand washing and that prevented all the sepsis. So that’s a simple solution. So many things in medicine may have a simple solution, but people are reluctant to accept because something […]

Kathleen Sazama MD JD

The docs would go from the autopsy room into a delivery room, didn’t change their clothes; didn’t change their coats; didn’t wash their hands; just went from one table to the other. The physicians had a horrible death rate related to post delivery sepsis of the moms. Same population of moms, midwives were delivering mothers, […]

Online Release of Primum Non Nocere: First Do No Harm

Primum Non Nocere: First Do No Harm can now be purchased as a download from http://www.asiageographic.com/primum/view_film.htm